Jacinta can help at any stage of your collaboration as a facilitator, engagement practitioner, partnership broker and story teller. 


Jacinta is an empathetic facilitator. She builds trust easily, enabling her to draw out the wisdom in the room.

Jacinta places equal emphasis on people and process. Workshop activities are clearly aligned to an outcome or learning objective. Plenty of time and space is created to ‘follow the group’ and explore any gems and challenges that arise.

Partnership scoping, management and review

Jacinta draws on a range of frameworks and tool kits to guide you through any stage of your collaboration.

An accredited partnership broker, Jacinta helps you to identify and assess partners and explore the potential of your collaboration. She helps you to set a common goal, co-create agreements and then works behind the scenes to build the partnership and keep it on track. 

Advising, mentoring and training 

Jacinta is a trusted sounding board. She advises and coaches clients at all stages of their engagement with partners, stakeholders and the community.

Her skills workshops are underpinned by the principles of adult learning and she draws on the tool kits of the Partnership Brokers Association (PBA), the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), among others.

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

Jacinta is passionate about people having a say in decisions that affect them.

She skilfully draws out insights, needs and interests to incorporate into strategy, policy and programs. Jacinta’s inclusive approach to engagement is based on the International Association for Public Participation's (IAP2) engagement spectrum and IAP2 Australasia’s Contemporary Engagement Model.

Sharing your story

Maybe you want to inspire local action or win funds? Perhaps you need to paint a picture of your partnership so others can learn? Or find a new partner or build internal support for a collaboration. Whatever it is, Jacinta is a natural story teller and can write the content for you, or help you to improve your skills. She honed her writing skills in the fast-paced environment of government media and communications, and writing remains central to her work. She is a tutor for Writers Victoria.


Main banner photo: Sophie Read