Mark Stoermer, (Former CEO), Nillumbik Shire Council

"Jacinta is a gifted facilitator. She set the tone right from the start to ensure a respectful exchange between the community and the project team on a controversial topic. We were in awe of how well she facilitated the Q&A. Community members in the room and on Facebook told us the same thing afterwards too. With a week’s notice, Jacinta helped us deliver a critical forum that exceeded our objectives and was greatly appreciated by the community. We will definitely be working with Jacinta again."

Sam Brown, VicRoads, Western Region

"I really appreciated Jacinta’s ability to just jump in and keep things moving over 18 months on a tricky engagement project. She covers all bases – planning the engagement, writing the content and facilitation. She was integral in making a citizens’ advisory group such an effective process and the trust she built with members was evident when we reported back a few months later. Jacinta was quick at turning around actions and very responsive to prioritising critical tasks as they emerged. This was the first time we’d tried something like this in Ballarat and Jacinta was a vital part of making it happen.”

Dr Mukesh Chandra Haikerwal AC Director CIRQIT Health

“Jacinta’s cheery approach, energy and clarify succeed in bringing people together. I’ve been very grateful for Jacinta‘s advice in formulating our current projects and in a methodology to allow collaboration to occur within our walls and without”

Dr Mukesh is also a non-executive Director of multiple Boards, former Chair of Council of the World Medical Association and Federal President of the Australian Medical Association.

Laureate Professor John Hattie, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne

"Jacinta had a very positive impact over the time she worked with us on the network of schools. She was instrumental in helping us establish this innovative partnership. I appreciated her deep understanding of the value of engagement and her practical, hands on approach to making it work. And it was fun to work with her, given her drive and attention to quality."

Josie Brown, Executive General Manager - Client Services at State Trustees

“Jacinta was a trusted partner and adviser in terms of stakeholder engagement at State Trustees, and her legacy lives on to this day. She helped us to focus on the social issues that mattered to community and government stakeholders, like the financial abuse of older people. As a trainer and mentor, she built capability of both the Senior Leadership Team and frontline staff. Many of the people she worked with are now leaders, and still draw on the insights, strategies and tools they learnt from Jacinta. I highly recommend Jacinta.”

Greta Korthaus, Project Manager

“Jacinta is outstanding and likely the best facilitator I've ever come across. Experiencing Jacinta 'live' is inspiring, energising, and leaves everyone in the room with a smile on their face and a refreshed view on life, as well as the topic at hand. Jacinta can deal with any topic, hurdle and goal and gets everyone together in a charming, professional, enthusing and motivating way. I cannot recommend working with Jacinta highly enough. “

Anita Hopkins, Executive Officer, Jack Brokhoff Foundation

"I’ve enjoyed working with Jacinta as a colleague and stakeholder. She has an intuitive ability to quickly see an issue from others’ perspectives. Her enthusiasm is second to none and is key to her success in bringing both sceptics and advocates with her when championing a new approach or idea. An influential communicator, Jacinta successfully builds the capacity of both leaders and colleagues, resulting in lasting cultural change."

Max Hardy, Max Hardy Consulting

"Jacinta is a delight to work with - she is energetic, creative, warm-hearted and has a wonderful sense of humour. She relates to all kinds of people and can therefore work with different kinds of organisations. Jacinta is a highly skilled facilitator and community engagement specialist, and is a brilliant writer. I seek out opportunities to work with Jacinta for all these reasons."

Dr Iain Butterworth - Manager Liveability and Sustainability - Department of Health and Human Services

"Jacinta is a natural social entrepreneur. She knows the theory and practice of engagement: she is well-skilled in making meaningful connections; and has the diverse industry experience that allows her to engage with the client through a deep understanding of the 'tribal' language and rituals of the client's sector. Jacinta leapt at the opportunity to explore ways to strengthen the formal partnership between our institutions, and is a standout 'go to' person and personal sounding board."

Janet Pelly, Communication and Organisation Development Professional

"I had so many light bulb moments at one of her partnership masterclasses. Jacinta knew what questions to ask and made observations and challenges in a respectful and insightful way that gave me a new perspective on at least one partnership that had lost its mojo. I have drawn on her advice and expertise over 15 years and recommend her to anyone who is looking for an engaging and highly experienced player in the partnerships space."

Tanya Burdett, Director, Burdett Associates Pty Ltd (Australia) and Essential Planning Ltd (UK)

"Jacinta is a thoughtful and empathetic facilitator, whose insights and advice I’ve appreciated as both a fellow practitioner and trainer. She’s a great story teller who instinctively knows how to see things from a range of perspectives. Jacinta has a great energy, and injects humour and fun into her practice – your time with her will fly! She brings unique insights and perspective from her client-side experience to her consultancy practice. I recommend Jacinta to anyone looking to energise and enthuse their teams, communities and project."

Georgia Halliday, (former) Senior Advisor, Public Affairs, Victorian Taxi Association

"I really enjoyed working with Jacinta to develop our partnership to build understanding between bike riders and taxi drivers. She invests the time needed for partners to get to know each other while moving quickly to take advantage of opportunities when they crop up. I particularly appreciated the strategic perspective she brought to a critical behaviour change initiative. I’d recommend Jacinta to anyone needing a hands on practitioner and strategic partnering advice."   

Douglas Proctor, Director International Affairs, University College Dublin (formerly University of Melbourne)

"As a colleague of Jacinta’s, I greatly appreciated her leadership in partnering and engagement. Her enthusiasm and readiness to question pre-existing methods helped the International Relations Office to re-conceptualise our own work engaging with international stakeholders."

Allison Hornery, Director, Cofluence

"We had the pleasure of working with Jacinta at a policy and research workshop. Jacinta has a refreshing style which is open and engaging, and as support facilitators we appreciated her effort to ensure we were well-briefed and clear about the session's approach and objectives.

Cross-disciplinary workshops can be tricky, and Jacinta navigated the complex content and diverse views in the room with confidence. We particularly valued her willingness to respond to suggestions and to actively engage with both her collaborators and the workshop participants to make sure the experience was positive for everyone. We’d be delighted to work with her again."

Tracy Hammill, Principal - Yarra Primary School

"Jacinta was a key ingredient in the development of our ESTEME partnership when she was at the University of Melbourne. She provided the structure and guidance to our partnership consultant and I continue to appreciate being able to draw on her expertise regularly as our partnership matures. She has empowered us to develop clear objectives and measurements for a key project to strengthen teacher’s skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I highly recommend Jacinta as a partnership consultant."

Christine Bolt, National General Manager Communications Dementia Australia

"Jacinta is an excellent intitiator and driver of ideas. She seeks out and builds the relationships and partnerships needed to develop and deliver ideas into concrete results. In the case of working with her through Alzheimer's Australia Vic she made many things possible that have enabled us to improve our services, making a difference to the lives of people living with dementia and their carers. I wish her every success in her consultancy."

Vicky Darling, CEO at Volunteering and Contact ACT

"Jacinta Cubis is a natural communicator and talented facilitator who understands people and process. I was impressed to see her in action when I worked with her as a table facilitator while she ran the large cross-sectoral workshop. Jacinta has a gift for reading the room and perfectly balancing the needs of the participants with the outcomes required by the client. Her thorough preparation on the day allowed me to dedicate my time to my own table of participants and her flexibility of delivery meant she could accommodate feedback and recommendations of her table facilitators and steer the process to a successful conclusion. She is professional and enjoyable to work with and I look forward to collaborating with her again."