Max Hardy, Max Hardy Consulting

"Jacinta is a delight to work with - she is energetic, creative, warm-hearted and has a wonderful sense of humour. She relates to all kinds of people and can therefore work with different kinds of organisations. Jacinta is a highly skilled facilitator and community engagement specialist, and is a brilliant writer. I seek out opportunities to work with Jacinta for all these reasons."

Tanya Burdett, Director, Burdett Associates Pty Ltd (Australia) and Essential Planning Ltd (UK)

"Jacinta is a thoughtful and empathetic facilitator, whose insights and advice I’ve appreciated as both a fellow practitioner and trainer. She’s a great story teller who instinctively knows how to see things from a range of perspectives. Jacinta has a great energy, and injects humour and fun into her practice – your time with her will fly! She brings unique insights and perspective from her client-side experience to her consultancy practice. I recommend Jacinta to anyone looking to energise and enthuse their teams, communities and project."

Allison Hornery, Director, Cofluence

"We had the pleasure of working with Jacinta at a policy and research workshop. Jacinta has a refreshing style which is open and engaging, and as support facilitators we appreciated her effort to ensure we were well-briefed and clear about the session's approach and objectives.

Cross-disciplinary workshops can be tricky, and Jacinta navigated the complex content and diverse views in the room with confidence. We particularly valued her willingness to respond to suggestions and to actively engage with both her collaborators and the workshop participants to make sure the experience was positive for everyone. We’d be delighted to work with her again."