Dr Iain Butterworth - Manager Liveability and Sustainability - Department of Health and Human Services

"Jacinta is a natural social entrepreneur. She knows the theory and practice of engagement: she is well-skilled in making meaningful connections; and has the diverse industry experience that allows her to engage with the client through a deep understanding of the 'tribal' language and rituals of the client's sector. Jacinta leapt at the opportunity to explore ways to strengthen the formal partnership between our institutions, and is a standout 'go to' person and personal sounding board."

Janet Pelly, Communication and Organisation Development Professional

"I had so many light bulb moments at one of her partnership masterclasses. Jacinta knew what questions to ask and made observations and challenges in a respectful and insightful way that gave me a new perspective on at least one partnership that had lost its mojo. I have drawn on her advice and expertise over 15 years and recommend her to anyone who is looking for an engaging and highly experienced player in the partnerships space."

Douglas Proctor, Director International Affairs, University College Dublin (formerly University of Melbourne)

"As a colleague of Jacinta’s, I greatly appreciated her leadership in partnering and engagement. Her enthusiasm and readiness to question pre-existing methods helped the International Relations Office to re-conceptualise our own work engaging with international stakeholders."

Tracy Hammill, Principal - Yarra Primary School

"Jacinta was a key ingredient in the development of our ESTEME partnership when she was at the University of Melbourne. She provided the structure and guidance to our partnership consultant and I continue to appreciate being able to draw on her expertise regularly as our partnership matures. She has empowered us to develop clear objectives and measurements for a key project to strengthen teacher’s skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I highly recommend Jacinta as a partnership consultant."