Do you want your group to work together better to get projects done?

Jacinta Cubis will lead you through an interactive and engaging conversation about our ability to collaborate. It’s a soft skill but we often find it so hard.

We’ll talk about why collaboration is important, why we often struggle to do it, and how we might be able to get better at it, so that we get results in less time. Together.

What you’ll get

  • Awareness and understanding of your group’s ability to collaborate.

  • Fresh insights into how to strengthen the skills and behaviours essential for collaboration in and across teams, so that they can ‘get things done’ together.

  • A link to a soft copy of Jacinta’s white paper to share.

  • Hard copies of the whitepaper.

  • Plenty of food for thought!


Any weekday. Over a lunch session or as part of a regular meeting.


For up to 20 people – from your team, organisation, network, partnership or consortium.


From 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Please contact Jacinta on 0438 013 115 or complete this online form to book a time.

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Date interested in booking