What's on your playlist?

Music is the most important ingredient to a great party. I spend more time on the playlist than the menu. No question.  

A playlist can make or break the atmosphere, how people connect, what they talk about and how long they stay.

My collaboration playlist was on in the background as people arrived for my last workshop. Early arrivals hummed along. We started chatting about what song they’d add to the list and it got people talking. Why that song? What did it have to do with collaboration? What’s the story behind it?

It was a great way to connect and focus the group on the purpose of our session. I quietly parked my original ‘connecting’ activity. The music did it for us.

It made me think that I’ll spend a little more time on the playlist when I’m designing workshops in 2019.

Here’s a few tracks on my collaboration playlist. Some really obvious ones are missing because they’ve become advertising jingles and lost their meaning.   

What would you add?

🎵 All Together Now – the Farm

🎵 Part of the Process – Morcheeba

🎵 Do you see What I See – Mark Seymour (acoustic version)

🎵 From Little Things Big Things Grow – Paul Kelly & Archie Roach

🎵 We Can Work It Out – The Beatles

🎵 Work it Out – The Twerps

🎵 Come Together – Primal Scream

🎵 Rome wasn’t built in a Day – Morcheeba

🎵 Higher Ground – Playing for Change

🎵 Hole in the Bucket – Michael Franti and Spearhead

🎵You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry and the Pacemakers (Scousers find it heart stopping)

🎵 You’re not Alone – Mavis Staples

I’d love to hear what you think would inspire people to work together.